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Wireless Power Bank Charger for Apple Watches featuring Wireless Charging, Magnetic Absorption, Smart Battery, Small and Portable Size and Constant Output Protection to give you the best charging quality. 


My Main Purpose
With this Wireless Power Bank Charger for your Apple Watch, you can charge your watch absolutely anywhere in a flat position with its strap open. You will no longer be caught up with many unwanted cords as this charger is 100% wireless! We wanted to make charging your Apple Watch utterly effortless. This Wireless Power Bank Charger is made to ensure quick, convenient, and secure charging for your Apple Watch. Wireless Charging will allow you to take this wonderful little charger anywhere with you in a safe and portable fashion. It also features a fantastic Protective Battery that will ensure that your Apple Watch and your battery will be 100% protected and safe while charging.


Wireless Charge
Wireless Charge is one of the most convenient and easy to use features of this amazing Wireless Power Bank Charger. No more getting caught up in cords or having to find which cord belongs to which device. You can simply pull this little device out anywhere, anytime, and enjoy Wireless Charge.
LED Light
At a glance, you can tell a whole lot about your Battery Charger. The LED lights vary with power and the charging level is clear with just a single glance. When charging the battery, the red light will flash, and once fully charged the green light will stay on. Then, while charging your Apple Watch, the batteries green light will flash when under 20% it will be red, and it will blink and then turn off when it has 0% battery.
Protective Battery
Another fantastic feature of this Wireless Power Bank Charger is the Protective Battery. When you are charging a device, it should NEVER be hot, but a lot of chargers will be. With the Protective Battery, you will never have to worry about either of the devices overheating. Chip cooling technology and heat sink material will ensure the device can charge without compromising the safety of your device.
Small and Portable Design
In a mini, portable, and compact design, you can take this handy little Charger absolutely anywhere. When your watch battery is running low, we have got your back while on the go. This little Chargers design ensures your complete convenience. You can fit it in your purse, your backpack, or even your pocket! Being Wireless makes it 100% portable without any inconvenient cords getting in the way.
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