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Wireless Car Charger with Automatic Sensing Technology, Wireless Charging, One Hand Operation, Automatic Lock, Easy Operation, Infrared Sensing, Smart Touch, One Click Car Search, 360 Degree Rotation, and great Design Features for your best Wireless Car Charging experience. 


My Main Purpose
Pretty much everyone in this day and age fears getting the ‘low battery’ notification on their smartphone while driving. Especially when you’re halfway to your destination in an unfamiliar place and relying on it for navigational purposes. No matter how far your route is taking you, it's a smart idea to always have a Wireless Car Charger on hand, so you'll never hover around the dreaded 10% mark again! Driving is an excellent time to charge your phone up, especially if you tend to have long commutes. However, plugging and unplugging your phone every single time you get into the car is a pain, especially when so many of our phones have wireless charging that's perfect for this. Are you looking for the best Wireless Car Charger for your phone so you can drive your way to a full battery, well here it is!

Know some of my premium quality features

Suitable for Air Vents
Talk about convenience! This already great Wireless Car Charger becomes even greater when you find out how easy it is to mount in your car. It is as simple as sliding it into your air vent and clipping it on, and there you have your very own mounted charger.
Great Design
Just like all our gadgets, this Wireless Car Charger has a fantastic design. With an Anti-Scratch design, the silicone pad will increase friction so you can prevent falling and scratching. The stable hand will ensure no jitter, no falling off and you will be able to drive freely over bumps without having to worry about your phone falling out. 360 rotation also ensures that your phone will be multi-angle adjustable.
360 Degree Rotation
360 Degree really makes this Wireless Car Charger stand out from the other chargers. With 360 Degree Rotation, you can use your phone either horizontally or vertically with complete ease and convenience. This makes it easier to view maps and see your map easily and efficiently.
Smart Touch Induction
Smart Touch Induction is one of my favorite features about this sweet little gadget! With Smart Touch Induction, you simply have to touch the back cover and the automatic induction will open for you to remove your phone easily. This is an incredibly intelligent and convenient feature and you won’t find a feature like this anywhere else!
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