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Touch Screen Smart Bracelet with Full Touch Screen, 1.22 Inch Display, Real-Time Monitoring, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitoring, Notifications, Low Power Reminder, Fast Charging, Smart Sensor, One Click Experience, Professional Sports Mode, IP67 Waterproof, Smart Life Reminders, Shake to Take A Photo With Bluetooth, Music Control, Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Monitoring, Weather Forecast, Multiple Interfaces and a Sleek Design for your wearing pleasure.


My Main Purpose
Our Full Touch Screen Smart Bracelet is perfect for sports with a fast and convenient easy fingerprint adjustment mode. The smart wristband has an upgraded professional sports mode that allows you to get real-time monitoring of motion and so much more. Apple watches are great, but you need an iPhone to use it. That is why we have made sure you can use this watch with most devices! Smart bracelets have finally reached the point that they're, well, smart. From running apps to displaying smartphone notifications, to monitoring your heart rate, the latest crop of smart bracelets do a lot more than just tell time. If you think it is time to upgrade your traditional watch by adding some apps and notifications, this Touch Screen Smart Bracelet is for you!

Know some of my premium quality features

Touch Screen
One thing that is ever-growing in popularity is the Touch Screen feature. Touch screens provide direct navigation and accessibility through physical touch control without having to use any keyboard whether it be on a phone or laptop. Touch Screen devices are user friendly and have many advantages that will be beneficial for Touch Screen users.
Real-Time Monitoring
With this amazing Touch Screen Smart Bracelet, you can enjoy Real-Time Monitoring. This includes Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sedentary Reminders, and Sleep Monitoring.
Sedentary Reminder
This Touch Screen Smart Bracelet also includes a great Sedentary Reminder. It will keep you moving and make you aware if you have been stationary for too long. After sitting for a long time, the bracelet will remind you to get moving, work, and rest so you can assure that your body will be in the best condition possible.
People love the beach, or any location to swim. So, we have made sure that this Touch Screen Smart Bracelet is 100% Waterproof. While we wouldn’t recommend swimming with your Touch Screen Smart Bracelet, it certainly can be done! Because it is a fitness-based bracelet, we have made sure it is also Sweatproof so you can enjoy and monitor your workout without having to worry about damaging your bracelet.
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