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6 in 1 Multiport Adapter with SD and TF Card Reader, Super Speed USB, Quick Heat Dissipation, 100W PD Charging, Superior Safety, Premium Alu-Alloy Case, Anti Fingerprint, USB 3.0, Wide Compatibility all in a Compact Portable Design. 


My Main Purpose
Keep all your devices connected using the 6-in-1 multiport HDMI and be able to transfer all your files and access them anywhere. Its 2 USB, HDMI, SD, TF, and Type C multiport offer wide compatibility. The sleek aluminum finish gives a comfortable feeling to the device with great heat dissipation. If you have a laptop that only has only one or two USB ports — whether it's a Mac, PC, or Chromebook, as well as newer iPad Pros and even select Android smartphones — a Multiport Adapter is a great way to add more ports. This small, portable, and travel-friendly dock gives you more desktop space wherever you are or plan to go. It makes connecting to multiple devices as easy as 1,2,3.

Know some of my premium quality features

Sleek Design
This 6 in 1 Multiport Adapter is equipped with a Premium Alu-Alloy Case which gives a sleek aluminum finish and a comfortable hand-feeling. With Anti-Fingerprint Qualities, you can enjoy your device fingerprint and smudge-free. The design is meant to be sleek which means that you won’t have to use ugly and bulky Adapters anymore. Heavy-duty gadgets don’t have to be unsightly.
Wide Compatibility
With most of our devices at New Wave, you can expect Wide Compatibility. This device especially is always updating which devices it is compatible with. As of now, it is compatible with Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Razer, Google, Microsoft, Hornor, and HTC. Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones are compatible.
Quick Heat Dissipation
Included in the 6 in 1 Multiport Adapter is a great little tool called ‘Heat Dissipation’. With Heat Dissipation, you will no longer fear your devices being ruined by other untrustworthy devices. You will also no longer have to fear being burnt by extremely hot devices. Quick Heat Dissipation ensures reliable performance because of its excellent temperature control technology.
Small Body, Giant Power
Not only does this 6 in 1 Multiport Adapter look Sleek and polished, but it also has more great design features. Even though this Multiport Adapter is small in size, it is giant in power. With its ultra-slim design, you can take it anywhere which makes it very convenient and highly portable. The small body may convince you that the device is small in power, but we have made sure that this tiny little device will make a big impact.
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