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Our Portable Silicone Keyboard is Flexible, Soft, Foldable, Able to be Rolled Up, Silent, Waterproof, Dust Proof, Easy to Store, Lightweight, and Portable for your highest convenience while using your Desktop, Laptop or any device with a USB Port. 


My Main Purpose
Not too long ago, you would have to sit down at a large desktop computer to do any work. Luckily, today’s technology allows for more flexibility. With the help of a portable and foldable keyboard, you can write reports, send emails, code, or work on your novel pretty much anywhere. This great gadget is about to bring plenty of ease into your life. Do you like to work on your laptop in public, but you can visibly see people getting annoyed by your typing? Well, you will no longer have to deal with that! This Portable Silicone Keyboard is 100% silent so it will work well in any silent space, even libraries. You’ve heard about all the great features, now you just need to find the best foldable keyboard for the job. It isn't as simple as it sounds and with such a huge range available to you, the choice can be overwhelming. Here at New Wave, we can assure you that our gadgets are the best! Continue reading to find out why ours is the best.

Know some of my premium quality features

Soft Material for A Silent Typing Experience
Working in public can we a nerve-wracking experience. You need to work, but you know your constant and fast typing is infuriating people. Nobody wants to sit in the library, in a coffee shop or on a train, and listening to the clacking of a stranger’s keyboard. This is where we have you covered. This wonderful Portable Silicone Keyboard is 100% silent and will ensure that you or anyone around you will no longer be annoyed by the sound of typing. You are welcome!
Portable and Lightweight
Another fantastic feature is the Portable and Lightweight design of this sweet little gadget. By simply folding, rolling, or simply just sliding this keyboard in your laptop bag, it becomes a fuss-free, Portable Keyboard.
A big reason to buy this Portable Silicone Keyboard is for its Wide Compatibility. All you need is your Portable Silicone Keyboard, the USB Cord that comes with it, and your device! Then, it is as easy as 1,2,3. You only need a device that has a USB Port, then you just need to plug it in, and you are good to go! It really is that easy.
When working, keeping hydrated is important. Whether it is your morning coffee, water, or any beverage to help your mind focus, this Portable Silicone Keyboard can withstand it! This Keyboard is 100% Waterproof so any accidental spills will not damage it or ruin it. Isn’t that amazing? I know that I need to stay hydrated while working but I often fear spilling liquids on my Keyboard but now I understand why this Portable Silicone Keyboard is so popular because my fears are now gone!
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