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Mini Camera
Mini Camera with WiFi Connection, Ideal Sizing, Simple Installation Procedures, AP Hotspot, Remote Monitoring, HD Image, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Great Audio Quality, Two Way Communication, Wireless Monitoring, 24 Hour Monitoring, SD Card Slot, P2P Network and Video Playback for all your monitoring needs.


My Main Purpose
Finding the best mini ‘spy’ camera is tough these days, a lot of the cameras out there are low quality and provide limited performance. This has led us at New Wave to create a great quality camera for your convenience. It can be used as a nanny cam, on a drone, or for home security. It can record videos while staying unnoticed using motion detection and has an incredible battery life. This mini camera also lets you monitor remotely with WIFI Connection. Do you ever wish you knew what others were up to when you’re not around? Whether it’s peace of mind knowing the babysitter is taking great care of the little ones or seeing if your four-legged friends go wild, having a mini camera gives you a peek into that world. If you’ve been looking for a way to release your inner James Bond character, then consider buying one of our Mini Cameras.


Simple Installation
Nobody wants to spend hours upon hours setting up new devices, especially if you need to use them straight away. Simply turn the camera on, download the app software and register, then add the device. It is as simple as that.
Mobile Monitoring
With Mobile Monitoring, you can view from anywhere at any time. You can view from home, work, the shops, on a road trip or even while running errands. This little Mini Camera will be your eyes when you can’t be around and can help you see what you need to see.
Small Size
The small size of this great little Mini Camera is one of the biggest benefits of buying it. You can hide it anywhere you’d like without having to worry about it being seen. You can keep an eye on anything you’d like without having to worry about being seen or having to make more space for your Mini Camera. Its small size also means you can take it anywhere in your handbag or even your pocket. It is easily portable.
Video Playback
Video Playback is a helpful tool when you’re too busy to view your targeted area live. Now, you can playback your recording as much as you want and you can review your video recording as many times as you would like to. Video Playback also means that if you’ve seen something concerning you can view it again while making a note of it happening and keeping the file.
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