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Newwave Gadgets

Bluetooth and Waterproof Outdoor Portable Speaker with Night Light, Handsfree Calling, Voice Prompts, Noise Reduction, Impressive Compatibility, and Superior Sound Quality for your listening pleasure.


My Main purpose

Bluetooth speakers are the latest advancements in the wireless world. Working on the same Bluetooth technology that allows you to share music and files on your phone wirelessly, these speakers provide a high-quality listening experience without using any wires. When you are cooking in the kitchen and you would like to listen to music, you could use headphones, but the cord always gets dipped in food and tangled with cutlery which becomes more of a hindrance than a help. But when using a Bluetooth speaker, you can just sit it on the counter and then start your iTunes, Spotify, or favorite playlist. The Bluetooth speaker is easily portable so you can move it around the house anywhere. For example, you can play nursery rhymes in the living room while playing with your child, you can play a relaxing song in the bedroom when it’s time to sleep, you also can play music while you are in garage, laundry room or anywhere else you have projects to do. Live in music, love life more.

Know some of my premium quality features

Superior Sound Quality
Superior Sound Quality is just one of the amazing features of this Bluetooth Speaker. With a Double Diaphragm Horn, you can have fuller bass, high sound, and effectively listen to music with original sound quality.
Strong Bluetooth Connection
Unlike other speakers, this speaker offers Bluetooth connection. This means no more tangled wires, no more broken cords, and no more searching for cords that have been lost. With a 5.0 Bluetooth upgrade, you can enjoy a large transmission distance of up to 10 meters and is compatible with any device that allows Bluetooth streaming.
IPX5 Waterproof
This speaker also offers great quality IPX5 Waterproof which means you get high strength Waterproof and Dustproof properties. It can also prevent sweat which also makes it Sweatproof! How cool is that? We think it is a great feature.
Small, Lightweight Design
One of the features that make this Speaker absolutely perfect is its small, lightweight design. The lightweight design of this Speaker makes it light and easy to carry so you can easily take it anywhere. It is easily portable. It is perfect for indoors, outdoors, and is made especially for you to enjoy music anywhere, anytime.
Handsfree Call and Accessible Buttons 
Last, but not least. We have Handsfree Calling and Highly Accessible Buttons. With Handsfree Calling, you can simply release your hands and move distances of up to 10 meters. It is perfect for housework as you will be able to use your hands while you chat. Accessible Buttons also add revolutionized components to the Speaker. Options include an On/Off Button, Volume Increase, and Decrease Button, Hang Up/Pause Button, and a button to switch on the very handy LED Light! The LED Light has long-range lighting of 150 meters which makes it good for night riding and family outdoor time. With the LED light you can enjoy your music while feeling safe and being aware of your surroundings.
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