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Bluetooth Laser Keyboard with Superior Portability, Virtual Projection, Bluetooth, Highly Compatible, Rechargeable Battery and a Great Design for your convenience.

KNoW more ABouT ME

My Main Purpose
Laser Keyboards provide the perfect, practical solution to your typing needs whenever you’re traveling or when you have no space to spare on your desktop. These keyboards usually work on any flat, opaque surface, and are compatible with virtually any device out there, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, or PCs. The best thing about it? You can fit them inside a backpack or a briefcase without anyone being none the wiser. They are real and they are here for you to turn your mobile into a fully-fledged computer/laptop. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, a laser keyboard is not only futuristic, but it is probably one of the niftiest gadgets of the decade. Innovative in their operation, a laser keyboard has the keyboard keys projected on a solid surface (basically a hologram). It does not have physical keys to be pressed down and is small enough to fit in your palm.

Know some of my premium quality features

Highly Compatible
Not only is this Bluetooth Laser Keyboard great to look at, it is also Highly Compatible with all your devices. You can use it with all Apple devices, Mobile Phones, Desktop Computers, Tablets, Laptops, PSP’s and more.
As with all great devices, this one also features Bluetooth connection. Simply connect to the Laser Keyboard device via Bluetooth and you will be ready to work on your next document. You can also connect via USB.
These days, if you’re not on the move, it is very rare. That is why we love that this Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is highly portable. You can take it absolutely anywhere in your pocket, backpack, or even your handbag. The options are endless. That means that this Bluetooth Laser Keyboard can go absolutely anywhere with you without taking up any space.
Small Size
The small size of this great little gadget is one of its best-selling points. A lot of the time, keyboards are manufactured to be big, bulky, and even quite ugly to look at. But we have revolutionized that. You can now enjoy the desktop feeling without the decrease in space as this product barely takes any space up! Simply set it down, turn it on and you will have a fully functional keyboard without having any more space taken up.
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