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April 12, 2020 3 min read

By Susmita Das

You may have replaced commuting to the office with the option of working from home, but that doesn’t mean you can lounge around and work on your computer in your pajamas or wear that messy bun all day long! Some may say “why care, I’m at home” and as long as I’m comfortable and there’s no one to see me, it’s perfectly acceptable to remain in my bunny slippers for the day. The bottom line however is, when you look professional it reflects in the way you perform.

The reality is that you don’t necessarily have to be in your business suit and pumps; you can choose clothing that adds an interesting touch to your work outfit. When you wear your pajamas or look sloppy, it naturally makes you feel as if you’re ready for bed at any time. The point being is that your “work at home” outfit can be much better looking than as if you’re ready to lie down all day!

Dress appropriately and casually, which means that you can adopt a different style of dressing than the outside world and not look sloppy all day. Here are six guidelines that you can consider to make your work at home attire look sharp:

At home wardrobe for work

Create that home wardrobe which you can wear exclusively when at your home office. So that it feels special. Devote some time at the end of each week to decide how you would dress for the coming week. Think of the days ahead, how you would coordinate the tops and bottoms if you have to step out to get something essential. Then you can have a jacket that can be worn along with your clothing if you really need to go outside. You may even have to collect a package from the delivery person at your door. Don’t hesitate to look your best in your at-home for work clothing.

Be comfortable, but not repetitive

Your sweat suit is comfortable, and you want to wear it all the time. But you can still be relaxed and comfortable with lots of style choices. There is the option to wear pants and knit stretch top. Team these with your favorite accessories to keep the right business frame of mind. 

Stay current with style

Even while at home, stay current with what’s in style. But keep it simple. You don’t want to step out after a while and then realize that you’re caught in a fashion time warp. Pick clothing from online stores or rent your dresses to keep them looking great and current.

Add color to your wardrobe

Working alone from home can become boring. Wearing the same type of clothing can make you feel weary. Get out of the black top and blue pants style and dress in something colorful. Wearing brighter clothes will lift your spirit, make you more confident and creative with a willingness to be more productive.

Dress casually on Fridays

On Fridays, there’s maybe not much happening in your home office. So, you can work out anytime you want. Consider these days as you would dress down in the office to look your casual best when at work.

Wear a workout outfit that you like to wear to look neat and ready to sweat it out!

Hair and makeup times

Even if it’s interacting over the phone or the computer, it makes a lot of difference if you’re dressed well. You could be tempted to just tie your hair in a ponytail and not put on any makeup. But try to groom yourself to look professional. Set aside the time needed to groom yourself and look your best.

It is very easy to forget to simply dress for success every morning when working from home. If your habit is to work at your home office in the same clothes that you slept in, then you will probably be too relaxed and delay accomplishing your goals each day. It is good to have a ‘to-do list’ each day that you can get done on a given day. Being in your pajamas all day makes you feel as if you’ve taken the day off. Even before you realize, most of the day has already gone without you having got any work done!

Here’s the solution: Remember that you’re at home doing the same job you do in your office. There’s no need to go overboard with your dressing. Just remember that your work needs a professional to get it done and that professional is still what you are, even if you’re at home!

Take a short break, change your clothes and get dressed for success!

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