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June 23, 2020 3 min read

By Nikita Hillier


Summer means so many different things to so many different people. For some, Summer means romance, the beach, and warm weather. For others, it means going to the local swimming pool and getting ice cream. But for me, Summer means calm, bright nights with windows cracked open for a welcoming, soft breeze; then waking up to a bright sun with all the native birds singing. It means late afternoon barbeques with my beloved family and playing music while we unwind from the hot days. Where I’m from, the best sunsets are in Summer. They are always a beautiful variation of yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue; nothing compares. Summer sunsets will forever be my  favorite thing about Summer.


Summer around the world.

Seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth and how it moves around the sun. At different times of the year, the earth ‘tilts’ towards the sun, then as it travels further on its path the same tilt is then shifted away from the sun. Though the change really comes when the tilt nearest to the sun becomes quite a few degrees warmer and when tilting away, these places become colder. This change equates to Summer and Winter. Between the two, when the earth is not pointing towards, nor away from the sun, we get Spring and Autumn. In this case, the weather is moderate and between the two extremes. Summer is different in all places around the world. In some places, Summer is felt as a gradual change but in others, it’s an instant change. Sometimes it’s welcome and sometimes it is not. Where I am from (Australia), Summer is highly sought after. Australians rely on bright, hot Summers and we always get exactly that. We have incredibly hot days and I sometimes wonder if we will melt! A few years ago, I spent Summer in a beautiful small town in Scotland called ‘Nairn’ and I was shocked to find that Summer is NOT the same all around the world. My first morning there, I woke up and expected clear skies and the warm sun on my skin though I opened the curtains and found torrential downpour instead! It was shocking, to say the least but that is normal life for the people of Scotland. In Australia, we have an average Summertemperature of 29°C but in the UK, they only get an average Summer temperature of 18.7°C. Isn’t that an insane average temperature difference?


Why people love Summer.

Summer isn’t just a season for most people; it tends to bring people a sense of nostalgia that they wait all year for. All the best memories are likely to be made in Summer so when people think of it, it brings happy and carefree memories rushing back. No matter what season you like the most, there is no denying that Summer is special. In Australia, our end of school holidays (6 weeks) are in Summer, so for us especially- Summer brings a sense of freedom and self-expression. When I was younger, there really was nothing as exciting as the last few minutes of school and waiting for the bell to ring knowing that weeks of fun and sunshine would lay ahead.


What does Summer mean to me?

Personally, I love the general feel that Summer brings with it. You can almost smell the uprise of happiness in the air. During the day I like to enjoy my time relaxing under trees in the shade; often accompanied by a book and surrounded by nothing but fresh air and sun. In the afternoon I like to sit in the grass and watch the sunset, reminiscing on my day and unwinding while the world falls asleep. My Summer nights are usually spent admiring the stars while they spread like wildfire across the dark sky. Summer skies will never cease to amaze me. Although one thing I especially adore about Summer is the increase in time to spend with your loved ones, I will always appreciate and adore Summer for that exact reason.




No matter which season has your infinite love, I think we all have at least one Summer memory that will stay with us forever; making Summer special to you in one way or another.

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