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June 15, 2020 4 min read


by Susmita Das

Some argue that smartphones have become a necessary part of everyday life. But, if that’s the case, then where do smartwatches for android phones and iPhones fit in? Smartwatches are a relatively new category of technology, but of course, we’ve had electronic watches for quite a while–everything from simple battery-operated watches to ones that have miniature calculators built-in. But, in terms of what wearable technology and smart devices have been able to do, there haven’t been many good examples of those calculator watches that have been released time and again, starting from the 80s. This is the reason why the smartwatch is a new device and not an extension of anything.

When smartwatches emerged just a few years ago, it seemed like miniaturization of the major technologies that we continue to see. But, smartwatches for android phones or iPhones are amazing. These days, smartwatches pack in so many things and are capable of doing so much.

Smartwatches have incredible technology, no doubt. But, how useful can a smartwatch be?

Beyond the initial wow factor that you would get from the first few days of wearing it, in the longer-term, would it really live up to be something that’ll become a part of your life? Hearing about all the features and abilities that smartwatches provide to its wearers is great until you try it yourself. So, we picked up a smartwatch and wanted to experience that ourselves, figuring out what the whole thing is about.

We chose the AMAZFIT Verge Lite, a 1.3-inch screen and GPS smartwatch with AMOLED display and 20-day battery life. Smartphones can tell you if there’s a notification or something else, but if you have to do anything about it like take an action or apply the message you still have to use your smartphone anyway. However, the entire point of smartwatches is to give you information at a glance. Smartwatches for android phones do this by giving you Google now cards and your phone’s notifications as you get show up here. Applications that generally show you notifications like messages or an email, show up on your wrist too.

The way you navigate through all these is with swipes. It’s all laid out in a cards UI. For any expandable notification, you can tap on it or expand to get more information on your watch too. Sometimes it lets you take action like play or pause music or archive an email. Your watch is connected to your android or iOS phone through Bluetooth. So, they talk to each other–your smartphone and smartwatch–really fast! When you dismiss a notification from your smartwatch, it also gets dismissed from your phone. This saves you a lot of all that notification checking and taking actions all through the day on your phone. Your smartwatch lets you do all that pretty quickly.

There are other standalone features too, most of which, can be voice-activated because a smartwatch had a microphone too! So, if you say, “take a note”, then it’ll write down whatever you’re saying, which is great! They also have an alarm to remind you to do something at a time or location. There is also a pedometer in most smartwatches that help you to record your daily steps for fitness tracking. The timer feature lets you set a time and buzzes off when it’s done, say while you’re cooking, etc. You can also silence all the notification that you get to stop you from getting distracted, like while you’re driving. It is nice to not constantly check your phone by taking it out from your pocket and simply do most of the things from your smartwatch. People have also started to use their smartwatches to scan boarding passes at airports, which is so cool!

You can choose from several smartwatches for android phones and they’d do pretty much the same thing. Although, in 2015 when smartwatches started to first come out, it was still hard to convince the majority of the people to buy a smartwatch, whether it was the android wear or the next Apple smartwatch. This year there are a few smartwatches for sale that you can take advantage of to try this technology. The proof-of-the-concept is that these gadgets are really cool looking with several built-in functionality and features that use your smartphone.

So, if you’ve been searching for “smartwatches near me” to explore all of the latest in such wearable gadgets, then be sure to check out some of the best budget smartwatches available at affordable pricing. And, if you’re not much of a watch wearer, you could wait for the higher-end ones at a steal-deal right here, just to try and see what this technology is like. Either way, let us know your comments on why a smartwatch is a desirable gadget for most today? Also, what are its coolest features that you love the most?

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