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January 29, 2020 3 min read

by Jesmar Arevalo

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Today technology is everywhere and our kids can’t imagine a life without it. Not long ago it was a whole different story. It is not crazy to say that cell phones have become a basic necessity for everyone. Whether for security or communication reasons or just for entertainment, we all have a smart phone and would feel lost without it.

How did we survive without cell phones?

You don’t have to go back very many years to a time when there were no mobile phones at all. But kids did find a way to survive. No doubt these devices have brought to our lives a bunch of possibilities. But before they existed kids did manage to communicate and entertain themselves.

A few decades ago, if your kids wanted to play with a neighbor he had to go to their house and knock on their door. Is that crazy or what? Not at all! That was the way it was done. For all to gather outside to play games or practice sports. The craziest thing was that during that time, our parents couldn’t communicate with us either. Even when we were in school or on our way back home we were on our own.

The parents had no choice but to trust in the routine that was to be followed. That’s why if we decided to change something without telling them in advance, there was probably a punishment waiting for us at home. Just think about it! They had to wait for us for a few hours without a clue about our location. Just because we decided to stay a little longer at a friend's house, or simply lost track of time. A change from the original plan was something that required some explaining when returned home.

Should I get my child a cell phone?


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Many things have changed from those days. We now have smart phones with Internet access and GPS that has opened the possibilities to locate people and to keep in touch. So, safety is definitely the main reason that drives parents to buy a cell phone for their kids. The parents want to know their children are safe. They want to be able to talk to them and give the kid the possibility to communicate when needed.

So it does seem that getting a cell phone for our kids is the logical answer. If we look at this closely, we are giving them access to a whole new world, so we have to be sure it is the right decision to make.

So what is a proper age for your child to have a cell phone?


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In daily life it may seem common for a 10 year old to have a cell phone. But some people will disagree with that. They think a child shouldn’t have a mobile phone before they turn 12 years of age.

The big issue here is in knowing the real reasons your child actually needs a cell phone. If the answer doesn’t involve safety, then it would probably be better to wait. If you decide to get your child a cell phone for social reasons then you may be telling them that it is the only way to manage social relations.

There is not a fixed age that we can set that will guarantee our kids will use the device properly. It is a personal decision to make and it is different in most every case. The parents should analyze if the child is mature enough to have the responsibility. When you do decide the time is right there are some phones more suitable for different aged children than others.

So get your child the right phone for the right reasons!

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