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April 26, 2020 3 min read

by Susmita Das


For many, flipping through a paperback still holds the same significance as it used to even in the last decade, when electronic readers hadn’t become so main stream. The first electronic reader, or eReader as it is popularly called was released in 1998. It was called the Rocket eBook, which weighed 22oz, had a screen resolution of 480 X 320 and would hold up to 10 books. Nine years later, the Kindle is released in 2007. Modern eBook readers weigh 8oz, with a screen resolution of 600 X 800 and can now hold 2000 books!

Today, there are about a hundred different models of eReaders. The most popular are Kindle, Nook, Kobo and of course the iPad. The Kindle has the largest collection of eBooks and can hold up to 3500 books with wi-fi connectivity and has the closest resemblance to physical books, whereas the Nook can hold 1500 books with external memory and a colored screen! Kobo can hold up to 6000 books and has a long battery life of up to 2 weeks! The iPad contains it all – Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Google Books!

Should you buy an eReader?

We are surrounded by screens every day. There’s some kind of visual content around us at all times. A lot of those times it’s hard to switch off. That’s why many of us enjoy reading. It’s like looking at a screen that feels pretty good! When you’re reading bound books, you’re looking at a beautiful piece of historical art. But, should you get an eReader? Here are some honest reviews.

First, size.

Books may be heavy. The greatest thing about eBook readers is that they are incredibly small and lightweight. Packing this in your bag is just so easy. It's also easy to hold and read, especially if you’re lying down.

Second, the features.

The one thing that you will absolutely love about an eReader is being able to change the font-size. You may have thought you didn’t think this would be something that you’d care about, but honestly this makes a great difference in reading. With an eReader, you get a built-in dictionary and a highlighter. Being able to look up words and highlight passages is pretty convenient. It isn’t something that you really need, but because you have it you will actually use it quite often.

Third is storage

There are so many times that you don’t want to bring just one book on a trip. But imagine carrying all those books with you. It’s quite heavy and not easy to do. The biggest thing that you will like about an eReader is that you can bring as many books with you that you want. Also, one of the aspects that you get from an eReader that will quickly become your favorite feature is that you can access your entire library! Having access to tons of free eBooks, without having to go and buy them is probably the best thing in the world. You will find so many awesome ebooks, just by going to the library of your eReader and downloading the content that you like. It’s pretty much that simple!

Some of the other cool features of an eReader is the presence of a backlight, which is actually quite soft and allows you to read in the dark. Also, you can just search a key phrase and you get access to the text in a few seconds!

Will eReaders dominate or eliminate traditional books?

The answer is no. There’s so much to a bound book – it’s like magic! You go through the books and flip through the pages, go from one page to another. Just the experience of holding on to a book and reading it - its cover and everything is beautiful. The fact is that eReaders can never take that away from traditional books.

So everyone will not favor the eReader, but bound books and the eReader can co-exist.

The eReader took about 10 years to perfect! Today, you can even play games on your eReader. It really is a wonderful new experience to have an eReader.   You can take it with you anywhere, which offers a great deal of convenience.

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