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August 13, 2020 3 min read

by Jesmar Arevalo

I would dare to say that the use of Smartwatches these days goes decidedly beyond fashion. I would even say that, at least in my personal experience that it represents a complete life changer. I am somewhat of an average person, not a sports fanatic or an extremist of daily physical training.  But I do like to stay healthy and enjoy life freely. 


Several months ago I started hearing about and seeing smartwatches everywhere. My friends, coworkers, even some family members were talking about them. And of course, social media posts are abundant as well. I must confess that in the beginning, I put in some resistance to joining that “fashion trend.” I thought it was something lavish and unnecessary. So I allowed myself to ignore it for a while. 

One day I was hanging out with a friend who had just bought one, giving me an opportunity to stop pretending Smartwatches didn’t exist and asking him to point out some of their features. My first question was,Why? Yes, why did you decide to purchase one? The answer he gave me was the beginning of my new outlook. “You have no idea how this small device has improved my daily life.”


I actually didn’t ask anything else. I found that the unknown had peaked my curiosity and also discovered that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So trying to prove to myself that these devices were nothing more than a fashion accessory, I started looking for a smartwatch that I would wear myself. Of course, I looked over thousands of models online, and the first methodology that exploded in front of me was the great number of options and features available to me. It was time for me to make a decision.

I received my brand-new Smartwatch, proceeded to unwrapped it, and jumped right into it. I found myself diving into this new experience to gain an understanding of just what my friend had told me. So I synced the model with my phone, and even though I read a lot about the model before completing my purchase, there were still things that truly amazed me. First impressions were that it was easy to operate, almost spontaneous to use, and it felt light on my wrist.

So here I am, day one with my new accessory and it started recording all of my vital signs. I finished my day and didn’t notice that I was wearing it, but all the information was there. At the end of the day, I checked it and could see all seemed to be OK. I started feeling comfortable about the fact that I could monitor my heartbeat, calorie intake and also it allowed me to access some important features from my smartphone. 

I moved on with my life, and after a few days, I was able to compare all the information the smartwatch monitored and stored. I was amazed by all the things I discovered, some of them were affecting my life and I hadn’t even noticed.

I was not sure in the beginning if I should trust this information or not, but I decided to make some changes in my routine and was surprised at the results. I started to feel better and had more energy just by adjusting my sleeping habits. Soon enough, I felt motivated to make small changes in my lifestyle and saw how many things were improving.

Now I can say that my smartwatch is part of my life, and it is not just a fashion accessory that I wear to me, it means more than that. Technology can be part of our lives in many ways, and I think this is a positive thing. It’s up to us how we take advantage of the technological tools that are at our disposal. Today I can say for a fact, that a life assistant like the Smartwatch that I purchased, can take with you anywhere.

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