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January 28, 2020 4 min read

 By Masood Mahood




Before you continue reading, close your eyes and take a moment to recount your routine on a typical morning.

For me, it is getting up early to the sound of my alarm, changing into a clean t-shirt and a pair of track pants, strapping on my Fitbit, putting on my running shoes and going for an early morning run.

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When I get back I immediately get the coffee brewing and pop some bread in the toaster. Put the news on the television and take a little bathroom break. By the time I return I know that a refreshing cup of coffee and delicious toast with butter awaits me.

So you see, my life on a daily basis is surrounded by a plethora of gadgets.


Almost Everything That We Do Today Involves A Certain Gadget!


This is probably very similar to the morning routine many of you have. On most days I do not give a seconds thought to what I do. This is probably true for most people. But when I sat down to write this article, I could not help but notice how every little thing that I do on a typical day involves some gadget or another.


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From the moment we wake up to the second that we get ready to climb back into our beds, our lives have been completely taken over by these little knick-knacks that the age of technology has gifted us. Gadgets have genuinely become something that we cannot live without these days, literally.

But what exactly is a gadget? And how have these gizmos become so indispensable to us? There was certainly a time that man lived without all of these little devices that have made our lives so much easier today, so could we return to that lifestyle even if we wanted to?

Could we survive if there were suddenly no gadgets in the world? These questions are what we will try to find the answers to in this article.


What Is A Gadget Anyway?


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The online Merriam Webster dictionary defines a gadget as “an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but is often thought of as a novelty.” This means that any sort of contraption or a new invention that makes your life that much more comfortable is a gadget.

Technically, this would include everything from the Velcro on your jacket (remember that gadgets can be mechanical too) to your Airpods. However, when one is talking about a gadget in normal conversation, they are usually referring to the more high tech, futuristic, electronic technology that rules our lives today.


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It is interesting to note that what may be referred to as a gadget today might lose this status the next day. An excellent example of this is your traditional cell phone. When it first came out, it was a cool new gadget and was all people could talk about.

A cool new gadget that gave you the freedom to communicate with people all around the world without being limited by the landlines. However as time passed and cell phones became more frequent, they were no longer being called gadgets.


The First Few Gadgets Ever Invented


So where did this world of gadgets start? What were the first few gadgets that humanity invented? And how far have we come since then? Let’s find out.

The history of gadgets dates back to the 1st century BC when the mysterious Antikythera Computer is thought to have been invented. This mechanical computer was recovered from the remnants of a shipwreck in the 1900s, giving us a glimpse into the ingenuity of our ancestors.


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Since then there have been countless inventions that were considered insightful and trailblazing for their time.

Some of these included the Baghdad Battery of 250 AD, the Seamless Globe thought to have been created in 1630, the original pot still (called the alembic) in the 8th century, and the precursor of our modern-day GPS - the ancient astrolabe invented by Arzachel in the 11th century.


What’s Hot In The Tech World for 2020 The Gadgets Of The New Decade


However these contraptions are not precisely what the modern man would refer to as gadgets. Instead we are more likely to call them antiques. So what is happening gadget wise in the tech world of 2020?


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One place is to look back at “The Largest Tech Show on the Planet.” The 2020 International CES Event. Showcased on over 2.9 million square feet of exhibition space were over 20,000 product introductions, unveiling the future in Technology.These Global Tech brands, the start-ups pioneering innovation are just part of what is catapulting us into the latest world of gadgets and Tech advancements.


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